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(Putting these up here so I don't forget where I got them from and I KNOW I'm going to forget to credit on each panel I post that I've used them in.)…………………

Gif maker for animated pannels--->
((Because I have to put all the panels together onto one image for DA, I am no longer putting the animations onto their posts. If you want to see it animated, go to Cutup's Tumblr.))

Dont make bases of my work by YourOwnArt What My Gallery Isn't by Caria Not your Original Artwork by YourOwnArt Stamp: Don't copy, CREATE by YourOwnArt My Art Isn't Your Stock Stamp by Smitkins Practice Stamp by Zombie-Faerie OC comparison stamp by liento Many Fandom Stamp by artemisrox Thank You For The... Stamp by Mirz123 Forget Stuff Stamp + PLZ by Mirz123 Not allowed by pjuk Inspired does not equal 'copycat by NinjaKato Pansexual Stamp by banishedcatgirl233 Request - Above stereotypes by HarmonicSonic Tomboyish Stamp by xSweetSlayerx Disney Stitch + Pillow Stamp by TwilightProwler DW TARDIS Stamp by TwilightProwler Stamp: Type Smart, Assholes by ShadowStarEXE Disney Flynn + The Smoulder Stamp by TwilightProwler I'm an asshole c: by Dezenerate I won't by Clelius Coca Cola Stamp by poserfan Peanuts M and Ms Stamp by poserfan I love french fries stamp by sosogirl123 DA stamps:I love Halloween III by eleoyasha Halloween Stamp by SailorSolar Halloween Stamp by PainedRose Don't-treat-me-special by XxDiaLinnxX Scrooge Stamp by Vallie Sweater Weather Stamp by Kezzi-Rose October Stamp by KoRn-sTaR60291 Raichu stamp by salanchu

Intuos is love .:free:. by Gamibrii Simple Copyright Banner by Drache-Lehre Pumpkinchu by ClefairyKid

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((I want a Thrackerzod fan button, a Rat Lover button and a Pegasister button and I'll be a happy rat~))

Cutup's aMazing Soiree

Ask Cutup:



Tumblr Mod Blog <--I post stuff there more often than I do here on DA. More art stuff too.

Next update status:
Aaaahhhh!!! I FINALLY have all twelve of the next updates FINISHED and ready to be posted! I can FINALLY post them! XD Updates will be posted starting May first and will be three times a week for the entire month of may then updates will resume once per week as per its norm.

Update for 05/15/2017: MLP-Sparkle Progress Bars-done by L3Moon-Studios

Update for 05/17/2017: MLP-Sparkle Progress Bars-done by L3Moon-Studios

Update for 05/19/2017: MLP-Sparkle Progress Bars-done by L3Moon-Studios

Update for 05/22/2017: MLP-Sparkle Progress Bars-done by L3Moon-Studios

Update for 05/24/2017: MLP-Sparkle Progress Bars-done by L3Moon-Studios

Update for 05/26/2017: MLP-Sparkle Progress Bars-done by L3Moon-Studios

Update for 05/29/2017: MLP-Sparkle Progress Bars-done by L3Moon-Studios

Update for 05/31/2017: MLP-Sparkle Progress Bars-done by L3Moon-Studios

Update for 06/05/2017: MLP-Sparkle Progress Bars-starting by L3Moon-Studios

Equestria Broken

What is Equestria Broken?

Equestria Broken is a fan fiction novel about the world of My Little Pony, focusing on Equestria and the tragedies it has suffered since the Elements of Harmony were never discovered. It is an alternate universe of MLP that is focused around my personal original pony characters along with many, many adoptables I have purchased as well as some of my sibling's oc ponies. I based the universe mainly on my two favorite games, Thief and Dishonored but one of my two sisters has helped mold, shape and warp it into what it has become now.

In this alternate universe of My Little Pony, the chaos of Discord and the power of King Sombra rules over all. Overpowered by the two powers, Luna and Celestia have been stripped of their alicorn powers and have been imprisoned in Tarturus. Earth ponies are shackled and put to slavery, crystal ponies are often sold to dragons as a delicacy and the unicorns reign supreme in lesser kingdoms across the land. Pegasi ponies along with the gryphons struggle to keep the unicorn allied dragons at bay, trying to keep dominance over the skies. The lesser kingdoms began to fight among each other for dominance of the land and resources which turned into an all out war. A deadly plague roams the land and leaves the sick and dying to be denied medical attention due to all of injuries from the war. Rebels against these new leaders of the lands began to rise up together, forming their own union. Luckily they had just enough ponies to stage a coop and take over ponyville but are having difficulty defending it with so few on their side. To try and assist the enslaved ponies, they formed a network of secret routes and safe houses in each town to try and free those in shackles and attempt to increase their ranks. Even with the anarchy, war and overpowering new leaders, there were quite a few ponies who found to make a profit. Thugs and mercenaries made their claim in the Everfree forest, selling black market items and stolen secrets. They will sell you just about anything you want for the right price.

This is the chaotic world Equestria Broken is set in and no pony is safe from the evils who rule it.

Where can I read Equestria Broken?

You can read it in several places: (Friendship is Magic)

And here on DeviantArt! (See below)

There is also the audio book on YouTube read by RadRatt herself!
YouTube click

I update as often as I can, mind you I am working on several projects at the same time AND I work two jobs IRL. Any questions, I will be more than happy to answer! (But I wont give spoilers) <3

Chapter Progress:

Chapter 1: MLP-Sparkle Progress Bars-done by L3Moon-Studios
Equestria Broken Ch11. The Thief
Smoke filled the room, swirling and mixing with the pungent smell of body odor and alcohol. The smoke came from the many varieties of cigars, cigarettes and other burning drugs. There were many ponies in the tavern, most of them carrying scars and others hiding themselves in cloaks to hide their flanks or deformities. The bar tender was one of the few who actually had a cutie mark but he bore a set of antlers on his head, one of them broken in half. The waitress had a large round plate strapped to her back to hold drinks and empty beer glasses with. She was often given crude and sexually disturbing remarks that went along with hoof-slaps to her flank but she didn’t mind as long as she was well tipped and well paid. Her favorite customers were the few mercenaries who actually had manners towards mares and the one strange stallion who always wore a dark cloak. She always knew it was him from the black stripe through his short white tail. He was here tonight, eaves drop

Chapter 2: MLP-Sparkle Progress Bars-done by L3Moon-Studios
Equestria Broken Ch22. The Bell Tower
A single pony walked down a road in the early morning light. The sun’s rays were filtered through the thick layer of heavy black clouds that loomed above. The pony who walked wore a hooded shirt with no sleeves that went back almost covering his cutie mark. On top of the gray-brown jacket he wore a dark colored leather vest that bore many pockets hiding away several items, keepsakes and objects the pony deemed lucky. At the top of the vest, right at the base of his neck, was a large metal hook. Attached to it on one side was a compound bow and on the other side clung a black quiver that carried several different types of arrows. Some could be lit aflame, some were blunt points, a few had small water balloons for their tips, and there were also a couple of regular arrows. Attached to the pony’s flank were saddlebags. One on either side of him strapped with leather and a buckle. Under each of the saddle bags was a dagger, hidden away in side of their sheathe

Chapter 3: MLP-Sparkle Progress Bars-done by L3Moon-Studios
Equestria Broken Ch33.   The Commission
Dark and angry storm clouds hung low in the sky as the last rays of the day's light faded away to the black of night. Heavy rain poured down in buckets that began to pool together into large puddles on the ground below. The dead blades of wheat grass that littered the dirt were weighted down by the water that fell from the heavens. Large lifeless trees spotted the barren land on either side of a broken cobblestone path. Three deceased ponies lye off of the road, embracing each other in the moment they welcomed death. Their rotting bodies soaked to the bone as their flesh gave way to the weight of the liquid that beat it so mercilessly. A stray dog wandered down the road, its long wet coat making it look like a large mop head with a severe case of the munchies. She stopped and put her nose to the air. The scent of the corpses mixed and was diluted by the chilled wet air. It was faint but it was there and the dog’s nose led her straight to it

Chapter 4: First Draft - 25% bar by SiyaLei

Chapter 5: F2U Writing progress bar ??% by Aqua-Spirit22


Commissions I owe:

All commissions are completed! Commissions are open!

Commissions I ordered:

Pony Breedables (OPEN) by AnnieHorrorAdopts
Meant to do this update yesterday but we've been having issues, will be explained momentarily.

So, first thing's first: We're finally home!! We got to go home yesterday at noon but the areas where the fire raved and where homes were lost is still restricted access. The fire is still burning but it's now in the wilderness and not threatening the towns anymore. The map below shows the black outlines where it is burnt out and the red lines where it is still hot. the more northern part of the fire is the part still raging. The south western part I was told at our morning staff meeting (I work at the school) is actually just smoldering hot spots now and they're watching it for now because if the heat in the next couple of days combimd with the winds, it might go down Hayfor way.

Img 20170907 170616827 by equestriabroken
(It took 20 freaking minutes for this to upload, wtf)

As far as everyone's homes, around 15-20 of the 72 that are gone belonged to families that had children who went to the elementary school and the high school, the rest were retired folk. More than a few didn't have fire insurance :( Some had their houses intact but their out buildings burned, out buildings being pump houses, sheds or barns. For those city people, those who have land like us have someone come out to drill a 'well' on their property. Not a wishing well mind you but a pipe that can go down quite a ways. They need a large pump to pull the water up from natural underground springs and they build a little shed around the pump to keep it safe from the weather.

The power lines burnt down. Not only the 300+ standing power poles but it got so hot that pipes and underground powerlines melted. When the fire peaked at the lookout, it practically destroyed the cell tower and many have no phones. We have no internet and neither does the school. We rely so much on the internet at the school now that we can't even print something off the computer. The internet company says it'll be another week or two until they get the tower fixed.

If you lopk at the map and see the black outline C shape, inside that's about where we are. We were fortunate that we had cleared all the low hanging tree branches off our trees, we have a large clearing around our house and more than enough room for a semi truck to maneuver comfortably. We have an above ground pool with 2500 gallons of water and a large water tank for mom to water her vegetable garden with. (Mom didn't start one this year) Due to all those factors, the sheet of paper attached to our front gate said our house was savable if tge fire made it to our place. I'm quite glad I spend all summer weed whacking our 3 acres.

Due to being displaced, we were forced to use the money I had saved up and I won't be going to the pony con in November. That's alright though. I'm not upset about that. I can always go next year.

I'm so glad to finally be home in my own bed. We could all really use a break. Our community is slowly patching itself together in any way that it can. We have tons of people gathering together making sure we're all fed and clothed and even gathering up money to help rebuild. Would be nice if the internet were back up though. My phone internet's even being extremely shotty. Oh well, maybe I'll actually go draw something for once XD

P.S. Sorry for any spelling errors, phone keypad sucks.


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What would you like to know about most in the Equestria Broken world? (This will determine what goes into the next chapter of the book) 

4 deviants said Gryphons and Dragons
3 deviants said The characters pasts
3 deviants said The crystal ponies
1 deviant said The wealthy
1 deviant said The poor
No deviants said The mercinaries
No deviants said The earth ponies
No deviants said The unicorn
No deviants said The pegasus
No deviants said Other (Please comment and tell me what you want next in the story!)


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