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Species I have rights to:

[Plant Ponies] --- Owners: Ad-opt and WENDlGO

Photoshop brushes I use in Ask Cutup:
(Putting these up here so I don't forget where I got them from and I KNOW I'm going to forget to credit on each panel I post that I've used them in.)…………………

Gif maker for animated pannels--->
((Because I have to put all the panels together onto one image for DA, I am no longer putting the animations onto their posts. If you want to see it animated, go to Cutup's Tumblr.))

Dont make bases of my work by YourOwnArt What My Gallery Isn't by Caria Not your Original Artwork by YourOwnArt Stamp: Don't copy, CREATE by YourOwnArt My Art Isn't Your Stock Stamp by Smitkins Practice Stamp by Zombie-Faerie OC comparison stamp by liento Many Fandom Stamp by artemisrox Thank You For The... Stamp by Mirz123 Forget Stuff Stamp + PLZ by Mirz123 Not allowed by pjuk Inspired does not equal 'copycat by NinjaKato Pansexual Stamp by banishedcatgirl233 Request - Above stereotypes by HarmonicSonic Tomboyish Stamp by xSweetSlayerx Disney Stitch + Pillow Stamp by TwilightProwler DW TARDIS Stamp by TwilightProwler Stamp: Type Smart, Assholes by ShadowStarEXE Disney Flynn + The Smoulder Stamp by TwilightProwler I'm an asshole c: by Dezenerate I won't by Clelius Coca Cola Stamp by poserfan Peanuts M and Ms Stamp by poserfan I love french fries stamp by sosogirl123 DA stamps:I love Halloween III by eleoyasha Halloween Stamp by SailorSolar Halloween Stamp by PainedRose Don't-treat-me-special by XxDiaLinnxX Scrooge Stamp by Vallie Sweater Weather Stamp by Kezzi-Rose October Stamp by KoRn-sTaR60291 Raichu stamp by salanchu

Intuos is love .:free:. by Gamibrii Simple Copyright Banner by Drache-Lehre Pumpkinchu by ClefairyKid

>The following buttons are in no particular order other than which I thought of first, not which I prefer more<

((I want a Thrackerzod fan button, a Rat Lover button and a Pegasister button and I'll be a happy rat~))

Cutup's aMazing Soiree

Ask Cutup:



Tumblr Mod Blog <--I post stuff there more often than I do here on DA. More art stuff too.

Next update status:
Aaaahhhh!!! I FINALLY have all twelve of the next updates FINISHED and ready to be posted! I can FINALLY post them! XD Updates will be posted starting May first and will be three times a week for the entire month of may then updates will resume once per week as per its norm.

Update for 05/15/2017: MLP-Sparkle Progress Bars-done by L3Moon-Studios

Update for 05/17/2017: MLP-Sparkle Progress Bars-done by L3Moon-Studios

Update for 05/19/2017: MLP-Sparkle Progress Bars-done by L3Moon-Studios

Update for 05/22/2017: MLP-Sparkle Progress Bars-done by L3Moon-Studios

Update for 05/24/2017: MLP-Sparkle Progress Bars-done by L3Moon-Studios

Update for 05/26/2017: MLP-Sparkle Progress Bars-done by L3Moon-Studios

Update for 05/29/2017: MLP-Sparkle Progress Bars-done by L3Moon-Studios

Update for 05/31/2017: MLP-Sparkle Progress Bars-done by L3Moon-Studios

Update for 06/05/2017: MLP-Sparkle Progress Bars-starting by L3Moon-Studios

Equestria Broken

What is Equestria Broken?

Equestria Broken is a fan fiction novel about the world of My Little Pony, focusing on Equestria and the tragedies it has suffered since the Elements of Harmony were never discovered. It is an alternate universe of MLP that is focused around my personal original pony characters along with many, many adoptables I have purchased as well as some of my sibling's oc ponies. I based the universe mainly on my two favorite games, Thief and Dishonored but one of my two sisters has helped mold, shape and warp it into what it has become now.

In this alternate universe of My Little Pony, the chaos of Discord and the power of King Sombra rules over all. Overpowered by the two powers, Luna and Celestia have been stripped of their alicorn powers and have been imprisoned in Tarturus. Earth ponies are shackled and put to slavery, crystal ponies are often sold to dragons as a delicacy and the unicorns reign supreme in lesser kingdoms across the land. Pegasi ponies along with the gryphons struggle to keep the unicorn allied dragons at bay, trying to keep dominance over the skies. The lesser kingdoms began to fight among each other for dominance of the land and resources which turned into an all out war. A deadly plague roams the land and leaves the sick and dying to be denied medical attention due to all of injuries from the war. Rebels against these new leaders of the lands began to rise up together, forming their own union. Luckily they had just enough ponies to stage a coop and take over ponyville but are having difficulty defending it with so few on their side. To try and assist the enslaved ponies, they formed a network of secret routes and safe houses in each town to try and free those in shackles and attempt to increase their ranks. Even with the anarchy, war and overpowering new leaders, there were quite a few ponies who found to make a profit. Thugs and mercenaries made their claim in the Everfree forest, selling black market items and stolen secrets. They will sell you just about anything you want for the right price.

This is the chaotic world Equestria Broken is set in and no pony is safe from the evils who rule it.

Where can I read Equestria Broken?

You can read it in several places: (Friendship is Magic)

And here on DeviantArt! (See below)

There is also the audio book on YouTube read by RadRatt herself!
YouTube click

I update as often as I can, mind you I am working on several projects at the same time AND I work two jobs IRL. Any questions, I will be more than happy to answer! (But I wont give spoilers) <3

Chapter Progress:

Chapter 1: MLP-Sparkle Progress Bars-done by L3Moon-Studios

Chapter 2: MLP-Sparkle Progress Bars-done by L3Moon-Studios

Chapter 3: MLP-Sparkle Progress Bars-done by L3Moon-Studios

Chapter 4: First Draft - 25% bar by SiyaLei

Chapter 5: F2U Writing progress bar ??% by Aqua-Spirit22


Commissions I owe:

All commissions are completed! Commissions are open!

Commissions I ordered:

Pony Breedables (OPEN) by AnnieHorrorAdopts
Sorry a lot of things don't have examples, examples will be there as I do commissions or random art for myself. 

Hello! And thank you for being interested in a commission from me :) Please read through and either reply to this or send me a note. If you prefer e-mail, my new email is I had to change it recently due to... unfortunate circumstances...

Notes: If you want something you don't see here, just let me know and I'll price it out for you! There are other additions below if you need to add a second character or want extras in a base or anything else~ Also, apologies that there isn't examples for some of them, I just haven't done them yet ^^;

Tips are very much loved!!! <3

(They tell me I'm doing an amazing job and it encourages me to do better than my best on your piece! It also does encourage me to do yours ahead of everyone else ;) )


Either 1 USD by Paypal (I will note you my paypal email address)
         or 200 points
Limit to 1 character, see Extras for additional. 



Either 2 USD by Paypal (I will note you my paypal email address)
         or 200 points
Limit to 1 character, see Extras for additional. 



Flat Color:

Either 5 USD by Paypal (I will note you my paypal email address)
         or 500 points
Limit to 1 character, see Extras for additional.

Shasta Stargleam and Shaman Anzak by equestriabroken Simon Says by equestriabroken Dark Wing by equestriabroken


Either 3 USD by Paypal (I will note you my paypal email address)
         or 300 points
Limit to 1 character


Sticker art:

Either 2 USD by Paypal (I will note you my paypal email address)
         or 200 points
Limit to 1 character.

(Closed) Plant Pony Adopt by equestriabroken (OTA closed) Plant Pony Adopt by equestriabroken (OTA closed) Plant Pony Adopt by equestriabroken


Either 3 USD by Paypal (I will note you my paypal email address)
         or 300 points
Limit to 3 positions if it's a reference base, see Extras for additional. 
Limit to 1 character for references. 
Limit to 1 character for large images, see Extras for additional. 
Limit to 1 character for small images.

Angora Cat Base by equestriabroken Grump Rat Base by equestriabroken Raptor Base by equestriabroken

Character Reference:

Either 3 USD by Paypal (I will note you my paypal email address)
         or 300 points
Limit to 3 poses, see Extras for additional.
Limit to 1 character.

Cutup Reference by equestriabroken Clout Reference by equestriabroken Cosmic Shuttle by equestriabroken


Additional Characters are an additional half of total payment for one character. 
     Examples: Total for a flat color is $5 so it is +$2.50 (500 points +250 points)
                  Total for a sketch is $1 so it is +$0.50 (100 points +50 points)

Additional poses on a character reference are +0.50 USD each or +50 points each

Including shading and highlights is an extra $2 or 200 points

Including simple background of a few colors is an extra $1 or 100 points

Including a complex background is an extra $5 or 500 points

Things I will not do!

Things with fingers (Dinosaurs and dragons don't count)
Do a character from a written description. Please provide an actual drawing or photograph. 

Things I will do!

Things with paws, hooves, claws, etc. 
Sex scene stuff
Gore scene stuff


I do not bite! Ask me anything and I will be glad to answer your questions :)
Yes, you can mix payments but it all must be paid before I do your commission. 
Payment must be completed before I do your commission.
I will try to get your commissions done asap but please realize I do have two jobs that take up the vast majority of my time not to mention a family who loves to bug me while I'm arting. 
You will see the progress of your commission! I will periodically send you in progess shots and if I need to fix anything, you can tell me while I work on it so I don't have to when it's all done!


So, what I'm trying to save money for is a trip down to L.A. to see my sister which I haven't seen in about four-ish years. Since our birthdays both fall in October and this year's LAEquestria lands in November, I want to drive down south (I'm 12 hours away!) and celebrate both our birthdays by taking her with me to the pony convention :D Now, neither one of us has ever been to a convention before so we have no idea how much anything costs there so my guesses will probably be off but hopefully I'll guess way too much instead of not enough. I know there are a lot of expenses that go into a long car trip and a three day convention but if I have missed anything or I have mis-priced anything, I sure would love the help! <3

(Yes, I will be paying for everything myself. I don't want to have to burden my sister with forcing her to pay for anything as she gets a very low income and can't afford much at all. And by low I mean close to 500 a month :( So! I will be the nice big sister that I try to be and pay for as much as I can myself ^_^ )

Car trip: $300
In gas, to get from my house in the mountains to my grandparent's house an hour away from L.A., it will take me a little short of $150 in gas one way. I have made this trip several times before so I know this pretty well. Honestly it all depends on the price of gas as one time when I did this it was only $80 but it has gone up to $120 before (Plus food and drink) so I think $150 would be a perfect amount for the car trip. 

Room and board: $0
My grandparents live fairly close to the Wyndham Anaheim Garden Grove where the convention will be held. (According to google maps only 35 minutes away but I'm going to count that as an hour and a half because I've never driven that way and I might get lost and traffic. Lots and lots of traffic.) So thanks to that, we won't be needing a hotel! :)

Parking: $0
I emailed the information people for the convention and they told me parking is free during the day but overnight I would need a hotel room at the Wyndham. We won't need a room as I have said, we're quite close to the convention already with housing. I'm not sure if the convention is all night or if there are any late night events but I don't think we'll have a problem with it. 

Food: $150
So I will be paying for myself and my sister's food. I'm guessing it's maybe, $10 a plate? Close to $5 for drinks? So maybe $50 a day for the three days is $150. Again, if someone's actually BEEN to Equestria LA and knows these prices, PLEASE tell me!! I would very much appreciate it! <3

Merchandise: $1,000
I have no idea what merchandise costs there but I have heard that plushies can go from $70 to $300. I talked with my sister and she said $500 would be better than my original goal of 1k for her so I lowered both of our spending money down which lowers the total amount I need to save up. Any extra cash I save up for this trip will be put into this category. 

Total Goal: $1,450
(If I can save more, that would be better!)

Total Saved: $834.93
(This will be updated as I save more!)

Earned from Commissions: $6.50
Personally Saved: $841.43
Donated: $0

All donators will be able to get the following:

At least $10 Donated: 2 adoptables for free, any in the future or previously un-purchased 
At least $20 Donated: 5 adoptables for free, any in the future or previously un-purchased 
At least $50 Donated: 10 adoptables for free, any in the future or previously un-purchased and a full reference sheet for any one of your characters, solid color, no shading, five different poses. 
Any Donations over $50 can be discussed in notes on what you're interested in. 

As I have said many, MANY times in this, if you have been to a mlp convention or specifically Equestria LA and know the prices of stuff, please let me know!!! <3 I've never been to a convention before and I have no idea how much stuff is and I would really like to know! I'm going to guess I'm shooting for too much as far at how much I need to save which isn't a bad thing but if I'm not shooting high enough, that's going to be a major problem! D: Any help would really be appreciated! <3


equestriabroken's Profile Picture
Crystal Green
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
F / 29 / California
B.Day: Oct 4th
My personal Tumblr:
Ask Cutup Tumblr:
My character dump Tumblr: ( This is my character dump so I can have all my characters in one place with every picture of them that I have. I am still in the process of gathering them all up and putting all their information in it so it's not yet complete. DO NOT STEAL ANY CHARACTER FROM HERE, THESE ARE MINE AND I DO NOT SHARE WITH ANYONE! >8C )

What would you like to know about most in the Equestria Broken world? (This will determine what goes into the next chapter of the book) 

4 deviants said Gryphons and Dragons
3 deviants said The characters pasts
3 deviants said The crystal ponies
1 deviant said The wealthy
1 deviant said The poor
No deviants said The mercinaries
No deviants said The earth ponies
No deviants said The unicorn
No deviants said The pegasus
No deviants said Other (Please comment and tell me what you want next in the story!)


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